Travelling , it is best option to be yourself and relieve your stress out inspite of this it has many other advantages.

It also play a important role in understanding others culture and identity , its a method of learning.
There is no substitute for learning but it is the best experience instead of reading or learning about any place its great by being there.
Because you see them , and set in your mindset and it can't be vanished easily, because visual memory is strong.

When you travel to a new place you have a chance to learn how to navigate around the new location.  There are probably points of  interest that can be visited, such as museums or libraries.  There is always a lot of learn in those types of places.  Even amusement parks such as Sea World, or aquaria and zoos, have lots of educational features.
and as described earlier travelling brings the best in you ..
your all memories just seized you , grabs you.

So , travelling provide much more better platform to be learn.
when you travel. you meet the diff. people , talk to them , and just bit by bit open all the reams about their culture.