Individual subsistence farms or small-family mixed-farm operations are decreasing in number in developed countries but are still numerous in the developing countries of Africa and Asia. A back-to-the-land movement in the United States partially reversed the decline of small farmsEvidence indicates that mixed farming, combining cultivation of crops and stock raising, was the most common Neolithic pattern. Nomadic herders, however, roamed the steppes of Europe and Asia, where the horse and camel were domesticated

mixed farming- it is a type of agricultural system in which farming (agriculture) and rearing of live stocks is also done for production and sell
Mixed farming is an agrarian system that mixes arable farming with the raising of livestock. When on a farm along-with crop production, some other agriculture based practice like poultry, dairy farming or bee keeping etc. is adopted, then this system of farming is known as mixed farming. It is the dominant system in Europe and now in parts of India, where most farms have a mixture of fields and pastures.It was first mainly used for self-consumption, but now in Advanced countries like USA, Japan