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That they were secretly plotting against the german with the suffrages.Their father died,who was a singer.Their sister is also a singer who was currently afflicted with TB.Due to war,their homes were bombarded.

They became homeless,shelterless,foodless.
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Nurse told the narrator that the boys were alone in this world, except for their sister, Lucia. Their father was a well-known singer who had been killed in the early part of the war. Shortly afterward a bomb destroyed their home and so these three children were thrown on the streets. They had always lived a comfortable and cultured life and now they had to suffer for from near starvation and exposure to the cold winter. They lived with a great difficult. Germans ruled the city for three years. The boys grew to hate the Germans. They both joined the resistance movement. When the war was over they came back to their beloved sister and found her suffering from tuberculosis of the spine.
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