Adult education is the process to provide education to the adult and aged people who, somehow, had failed to receive the elementary education during their childhood.
The ways of implementing adult education could be to set up evening classes in the villages, and Sunday classes in the morning or afternoon or evening.  Different timings could suit different people as they may be doing different sorts of jobs or works.

    School children from towns, cities, voluntary organizations, non-governmental organizations or charity organizations, corporate initiated organizations can do this service.  I believe, It is being implemented too.  The difficulty is the supply of study materials, accessibility of the locations, to pull people to one center at the prescribed timings etc.

    As most families now have their children going to school, those children could be told to educate their illiterate elders and neighbours.  This will be good.  The postal offices or banks, ration (public distribution centers) centers, panchayat offices, temples are visited by many illiterate adults.  Those centers could be used to gather them and organize education classes.

     Educating our elders at home by the young children of the modern times, can also be called adult education.  As adults and elders are people of yesteryears, they may not be able to know some good points about life, health, food, hygiene, society, world, etc.  This could happen even if they are educated to some extent.  Thus the children could help them to be on par with the latest knowledge by teaching them.  We could often observe that young children do not like and do not take interest in teaching their elders.  So the young must realize that teaching their own elders is necessary and is their duty too.

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Democracy without education is meaningless. It is education and enlightenment that lifts a nation to the heights of progress and greatness.Unfortunately, the situation as it obtains in Indiain respect of education is not only distressing but disgraceful and deplorable.