Dr. Ambedkar’s social economic ideas in the new spectrum Dr.B. R. Ambedkar believed that, State can play important role in economicdevelopment of people. His book “States and Minorities”, this was as muchan economic manifesto as a social one. It proposed a united Sates of Indiawithout right of secession. It called for separate electorates, separate villagesettlements and strong measures against social boycott of untouchable andput forth a program for what Ambedkar called „State Socialism, thenationalization of basic industries, and the nationalization of land and itsorganization in collectives. 4 Therefore, under the States Socialism thefollowing principles will be followed.a) Active role of state in the planning of economic life of peopleb) Emphasis on increase the productivity and production by providingphysical capital and Human capital.c) Freedom to private sector to plan and manage their industries andtrade except in selected areas5.d) Equitable distribution of National wealth and income among allsections of society irrespective of castes, creed, gender, region andreligions. The design of governance is based n social justice6. It plugsan important role in the problem of Indian constitution.India being inequitably graded society Dr. Ambedkar recognized theneed for a threefold strategy:a) Provision of equal rights (overturning the customary framework ofcaste system based on principle of equality and denial of equalrights, particularly, to untouchables).b) Provision of legal safeguards against the violation of these rights interms of laws., 
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