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The static friction acting on an object is higher compared to the dynamic friction, between two surfaces.  One has to overcome this force to move an object.

When an object is to be moved from rest, you have to use a force F1 to overcome friction (static) to displace it and give it an initial velocity & acceleration.

When an object is moving already on a surface, to increase its speed, you have to use  force less than F1 to increase speed by the same amount in same time.

When an object is rolling like a wheel (rotating) , the frictional force is even less compared to the other frictional forces.

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It`s easy to move an object because the object is already in a situation where a force is acting on it. so we are just adding another force to it.and also it depends on weight of the object also.
and also 
              An force 1 is acting on it and when we give a force on it[force may be less than force 1] it just inceases in speed because force 1+ force 2[force given by us to the object] act on the object and object just gets faster than earlier velocity. 
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