A solid has a definite volume and definite shape.

Reason: The intermolecular force of attraction is very strong. The molecules are strongly held and arranged in order.

A solid is rigid and cannot be compressed easily.

Reason: Molecules are closely spaced and the intermolecular separation is very small which cannot be reduced further.

 A solid does not diffuse into another solid easily.

Reason: Intermolecular force of attraction is very strong.

A solid does not flow and can be stored in a container.

Reason: Intermolecular fore of attraction is so strong that molecules do not flow and leave the surface of the solid.

 A solid on hating usually changes into its liquid state.

Reason: Heating provides sufficient energy to molecules to overcome the intermolecular force of attraction. Intermolecular separation increases, changing the solid into liquid.

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1)it has a volume
2)it has distinct shape and definite size