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The person who inspired me most was Milkha Singh. His speed and agility in races is great. I am writing something about him.
  Milkha Singh also known as "The Flying Sikh" was born on 17th October, 1935.
He served the Indian Army and then he joined into the sport section. He was a sprinter and he had bagged gold medals at the commonwealth games; thus becoming the only male individual bagging such a huge title.
He was from a very small place of Pakistan known as Govindapura. As a child he has suffered from the riots between the Hindus and the Muslims. His sister was his only inspiration and motivated him to get the success he had always dreamed of.
He also became the Director of sports in the Punjab Ministry of Education.
He got the following awards too:
Gold Medal – 1958 Commonwealth Games – 400 m
Gold Medal – 1958 Asian Games – 200 m and 400 m
Gold Medal – 1962 Asian Games
Padma Shri – 1959
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The person inspired me was mother teresa. she was a  kind women . the blessed teresa of calcutta  commonly called mother teresa was a roman catholic religious sister and missionary of Albanian origin who lived for most her life in india
born: august 26, 1910
died: september 5, 1997
full name: anjeze gonxhe bojaxhiu
nationality: indian
awards; nobel peace prize , bharat ratna etc

i know it is short but she inspired me a lot if u do not like u can say to delete but it must be ur decision