Kirti bookstore sold books worth Rs 2,85,891 in the first week of June and books worth Rs 4,00,768 in the second week of the month. How much was the sale for the two weeks together? In which week was the sale greater and by how much?
NCERT Class 6th Mathematics Chapter 1 Knowing our Numbers Exercise 1.2 Question 4



Sale of book on 1st week=2,85,891
sale of book on 2nd week=4,00,768
Total sale of book in these two weeks=2,85,891 + 4,00,768
                                                      =686659 Rs

sale was greater in secound week by (4,00,768 - 2,85,891)=114877 Rs

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Kirti bookstore sold books in the first week of June of worth = Rs 2,85,891

In second week of June sold books of worth = Rs 4,00,768

the total sale for the two weeks together = Rs 2,85,891 + 4,00,768
                                                                     = Rs 6,86,659

 In the second week was the sale greater of worth Rs 114877 greater than the first week.