Un imaginable but just a short try

host:what do u think about kiillling people mr g?
g:people have all the rigths as u have they should live . no one has the right to kill
host :u mr h
h:i have the right to kill as i am the dictator of germany i can do what ever i wnt in my country.
g:god the is dictator of all in this world none other than god can kill.
h:jews kiled my god(jesus) so the god has given me the right to kill every jew
g:jesus was not ur god he was a messenger of ur god
h:i strongly object mr g 's world i am not ready o acept ..he is against me so i am to kill him

hitler shoots gandhi
g:hare ram 
gandhi dies 
the host runs away and the sets is full of choas

must be funny
hope it helps u 

Nice quip :)...but, i think he asked for a model story with statement ship.