Poem on Dr. BR ambedkar's view on women empowerment

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  Poem  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and views on women empowerment
A Women can do anything, 
If power and wisdom is given to her 
once try and see by giving her the rights and power & wisdom, 
once the women will be on the race of life in the society. 
There will be none who can stop this race where, 
there will be all the winners and none are losers.
Once the women are in the action plan of the empowerment,
We know the stars will shine high in the sky,
The women now will shine as bright as the sun, being stars in the sky.
The hearts of society would fill with pressure because of happiness.
This flash in the inward hearts of the society and the eyes of women,
Will never of ever fade away but it will just stay on the same track
These views of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on women empowerment. 

                                                 ( OR )

A Women can do anything, 

Within the limit and power she have.

She would never have a clave

The society would always

Hayes her because she can transform the society,

Anxiety of her’s will never or ever fade

She would aid and help the country

As woman would shine as bright as sun

She would never shun to development

Redevelopment of our country is possible because of women

Therefore try to encourage Women and even women empowerment

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