SUMMER SEASON 1. summer season is the hottest season of the year and hot wind blow that is stuffy an sultry. 2. period of summer season covers month of april ,may and june 3.days become longer and nights become shorter 4.water from wells , streams , rivers ,etc reduce and leads to scarcity of water 5.the earth becomes scorched and soil becomes hard making it unable for ploughing and sow seeds and therefore vegetation suffers 6.we wear cotton light coloured clothes 7.many festivals are celebrated like holi 8. in summer season , fruits like mango ,lichee,,jackfruits and watermelon in abundance 9.we especially like to sit near air conditioners and coolers . 10. life becomes uncomfortable but however summer season is not so bad as it brings rainy season HOPE U HAD LIKED IT AND PLZZ PLZZ PLZZ MARK IT AS BRAINLIEST PLZZ PLZZ PLZZ