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Good deeds surely reflect one's good character as they show how smart and humble one is in their personality. As many people believe that they need to do some sort of very different or extraordinary things to impress others, it is totally wrong. You just need to have some originality, politeness and adequate manners, for that purpose, if we are helpful then people will naturally understand our beautiful character, so the first thing to do from today should be being careful in the way we talk, helping the needy and not behaving like junglees. Many would think why good deed has been included here, the reason is that your attitude towards others and your kind ways too reflect your personality and character. So if u r not kind and want to impress others, then u need to change your ways!
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Good deeds reflect our character is a true slogan .. our deeds entirely reflect us on the way we do our work.if we do some good deed we are asssured to get the rewards but if we do some bad deeds we get the same.if we continue to love people help them we get their blessings and we even feel happier from the bottom of our heart.we feel proud of ourselves too.
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