Good morning Respected guests & my fellow friends,
                       I'm happy to be here & speak to you about health.Good health is a blessing.As we all know ''Health is Wealth''.We need to take care of our health.
        Good health depends on our diet,our daily routine & mental attitude.Eat well,work hard,sound sleep & be positive is the Mantra of good health.Eat healthy food such as fruits,vegetables,cereals,pulses,etc.Don't skip meals.You must eat balanced diet & avoid oily,spicy,fast foods.These foods can cause cancer & heart ailments.
         Exercise is equally important.Take a walk for about 30 mins.Everyday climb the stairs,play games like badminton,hockey,football for about 10-15 mins.And attitude is important.Swimming for half an hour will help.Be positive,it boosts our mind & keeps us fit & fine.Good health is treasure.You must enjoy good health.
         Thanks a bunch!for listening to me.I wish you all a health life.