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Nowadays ,Social networking sites has gained a very important role in our life.Social networking sites includes facebook,twitter,wahtsapp ,myspace and many more.when we see it from a positive side ,these  sites have many advantages.Its helps us to connect to our friends,relatives world over.We get current news , even we can chat with our friends. But if we see it from a negative sides it has more disadvantages than its advantages.Firstly it had bad impact on our social life.As we see most of people specially teenagers spend a lot of timing in accesing such sites.Sometimes we get traped  and cheated by fake identities.So, these sites should be used only for limited time and in useful manner. 
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Uff!! Social media... Tap, taka taka take( click) is in fashion. You are tagged in someone's post or you tag someone in your posts, making friends, etc. is now a days common. But as we know that each coin has two faces so here is the same. Social media has its own advantages and disadvantages... One big advantage is that you are able to communicate with your friends and relatives living far away, it is cheapest source of communication. But it too has a great disadvantage and that is cyber crime. Today cyber crime is happening so much that a person should think twice before chatting to unknown or making unknown friends. You should be aware of tricks and plans which you can use against such offenders. I am aware how to deal with everyone and you should also be aware. So impact of social media is both good and bad. It depends on you that you deal with it. Don't get addicted too much.
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