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Make your essay sound something like an action-adventure essay. Start your essay on very calm note. Then , go to expressing the calmness of nature and beauty and then just shift from nature's beauty to this fire , you caught on the top of some house's roof. Just go on to explain how you felt at this sudden, obstruction in your way of calmness. And then , explain on how you analysed and realized how the fire had spread there. Let the reasons be a bit scientific , because if your essay is an all fiction essay, then reader might become a bit bored. Then , go on to explain on what you did or contribution to put off that fire or you could portray yourself as the hero of the entire plot. Then , after the action , explain or you could brag about how people praised you , but you don't remember what happened next as "it was all a dream".
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House on fire
the worst thing that could happen in the world is when  person's only house is on fire and is unable to stay anywhere. the basic neccsity of man includes food ,water,and shelter .butwhen the shelter itself is on fire just feel how misecrable it will be ...............continue like that
get realistic!!its not like he's writing his personal diary to express his feelings!! its an essay...