Sun rises from east and sets at west......hence arunachal pradesh is at east..hence the sunlight reaches first at the aunachal pradesh ...then later it falls on gujarat.....therefore when it is morning at arunachal pradesh and dark at gujarat

Three points for reason:
1.arunachal pradesh is at east
2.gujarat is at west
3.sun rises from east and then move towards west
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1) India lies between 68⁰7' and 97°25' east longitudes. the longitudinal extent of india is approximately 30 degrees.
2) the earth takes 4 min to sun's positions to move 1⁰ of longitude( 360 longitudes ÷24 hours = 4 min ). india has 30 longitudes approximately 30×4 = 120 min or 2 hours.
3) so sun rises 2 hours earlier in arunachal pradesh compared to gujarat ( if we travel east to west ). so inorder to avoid confusion of time from place we have choosen 82°30' as the standard meridian .
4)the standard meridian of india passes near allahabad serves as the standard meridian for the whole country.
5)  hence, the watches also show the same time.
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