In india,women safety is a important topic and issue.There is no need of police if our women are not safe.India faced ha great problem in this matter.If women are not safe our country is being dull.we should respect our women and take necessary steps for their safety.Our Government had set up a women helpline that they didnot face any problem.Hammering the last nail,i would like to say that our women must be safe for a better development of our country
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Woman safety most important police , country , society should help and make it a safe society were woman feel the most safe place in world together everyone can make it it will but it can became there no problem on woman dress the have right to wear any dress so for make it safet for woman all have to together and help and promise we will do the best for safety from any we can die we will protect her if than it became safe for woman than lend the life happily and nicely
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