Modern India is from the period Vasco Da Gama came to India. 

Modern Indian History 

¤ European Influence Over India 

The period from 1707AD, the year when Aurangzeb died, to 1857, the year of the Indian Uprising, saw the gradual increase of the European influence in India. The Europeans had been filtering into India for a long time before they actually decided to set up shop here. Even though the British got away with the jackpot, the real pioneers to reach India were the Portuguese. 

Full of crusading and commercial zeal, Vasco da Gama was the first known European to reach India in 1498, even before the Mughals arrived here. When Vasco da Gama docked his ship in Calicut, he announced that he came in search of "Christians and spices" and the very first people he met here were Christians, who were descendants of those who had settled in India way back in the 4th century AD. 
Further sequences in modern India 

¤ Portuguese Rule 

¤ Advent of Dutch 

¤ French Invaders 

¤ English Formed East India Company 

¤ Declining of Mughal Regime 

¤ Invasion of Nadir Shah 

¤ Afghans Invaded Delhi With Ahmad Shah Abdali 

¤ Abdali Captured Delhi 

¤ British Rises To Power 

¤ The War Between French and English Arose 

¤ Dupleix The French Governor 

¤ The Revolt of 1857 

¤ Cultural Revolution In Progress 

¤ Indian National Congress 

¤ The Policies of British Government Leads To Dissatisfactions 

¤ Home Rule Movement Started 

¤ Gandhiji 

¤ The Massacre At Jallianwallah Bagh 

¤ The Beginning of Non Co-operation Movement 

¤ The Demand of Complete Independence - Purna Swaraj 

¤ First Round Table Conference 

¤ Independence Was Just Ahead 

¤ Partition of India 

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