Annette studies in a Dutch medium school in the
northern region of Belgium. Many French-speaking students in
her school want the medium of instruction to be French. Selvi
studies in a school in the northern region of Sri Lanka. All the
students in her school are Tamil-speaking and they want the
medium of instruction to be Tamil.
If the parents of Annette and Selvi were to approach
respective governments to realise the desire of the child
who is more likely to succeed? And why?

NCERT Class 10th Social Science (Democratic Politics-II) Chapter 1 Power Sharing




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Yes, the parents of Annette will succeed, because the community government is elected by the people in Belgium. These people belong to one language community, whether Dutch French or German speaking. The government has the power with respect to culture, education and language. Moreover, in Sri Lanka, education is controlled by the central government and it’s impossible for the common people to consult the central government.