Answer the following questions in about 120 words.
(i) Describe how communities have conserved and protected forests and wildlife
in India?
(ii) Write a note on good practices towards conserving forest and wildlife.

NCERT Class 10th Social Science (Contemporary India II) Chapter 2 Forest and Wildlife Resources




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(i) The communities have conserved and protected forests and wildlife in India because these communities have a complex relationship with the environment. The different tribes and people worship the different trees like the Mundas and the Santhal of Chhota Nagpur region worship Mahua and Kadamba trees; the tribals of Orissa and Bihar worship the tamarind and mango trees. So,e villagers have banned hunting and some have opposed mining activities in order to preserve the forest land.

(ii) There are many good practices prevailing to conserve forest and wildlife because non-governmental organizations are creating more awareness towards people. Central and state governments in India have made many parks to protect forests and species of wildlife. 

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