Read the following passage and pick out any one of the
prudential reasons for power sharing offered in this.
“We need to give more power to the panchayats to realise
the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the hopes of the makers
of our Constitution. Panchayati Raj establishes true
democracy. It restores power to the only place where power
belongs in a democracy – in the hands of the people. Giving
power to Panchayats is also a way to reduce corruption and
increase administrative efficiency. When people participate in
the planning and implementation of developmental schemes,
they would naturally exercise greater control over these
schemes. This would eliminate the corrupt middlemen. Thus,
Panchayati Raj will strengthen the foundations of our

NCERT Class 10th Social Science (Democratic Politics-II) Chapter 1 Power Sharing




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The prudential reasons for power sharing offered are:

To give power into the hands of people by reducing corruption.

Increasing administrative efficiency by giving the decision making functions to the people, who are affected by it.

Improving the efficiency of the system by decreasing the number of middlemen.