>France was at the height of her glory during reign of King Louis XIV(1774)
>France had to witness anarchy during the reign of king Louis XVI.
>King,clergy,nobles occupied important posts in administration,military & judiciary.They were exempted from tax payment.
>Common man was deprived of many rights.They'd to pay unfair taxes.
>Montesquieu,Voltaire & Rousseau brought about intellectual awareness.
>Louis XVI tried to improve condition,he convened a meeting of Estate General(5th may 1789)
>As proposal of joint session of 3rd Estate was turned down,the representatives took oath on Tennis court to establish sovereignity(20 june1789)
>Masses attacked the Bastille prison symbolizing injustice(14 july 1789)
>National assembly obliterated feudalism by revolution(4 aug 1789)
>National assembly declared human rights manifesto(12 aug 1789)
>National Assembly formed the new constitution(14 sept 1789)
>French king Louis XVI was dethroned.(10 aug 1792)
>Establishment of french republic (29 sept 1792)
>Administration of National Assembly(1792-1795)
>Reign of terror(1793-1794)
>Louis XVI was beheaded on Guillotine(21 jan 1793)
>Robespierre was sentenced to death(28 july 1794)
>National Convention was dissolved & new constitution was accepted.
>The Directory began its administration according to new constitution(1795-1799)
>Napoleon Bonaparte became emperor of France(18 may 1804)
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