After reading this chapter, three students drew different
conclusions. Which of these do you agree with and why? Give
your reasons in about 50 words.
Thomman - Power sharing is necessary only in societies
which have religious, linguistic or ethnic divisions.
Mathayi – Power sharing is suitable only for big countries that
have regional divisions.
Ouseph – Every society needs some form of power sharing
even if it is small or does not have social divisions.

NCERT Class 10th Social Science (Democratic Politics-II) Chapter 1 Power Sharing




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The most logical statement is stated by Ouseph that every society needs some form of power sharing even if it is small or doesn’t have any social divisions. Power sharing helps to reduce the conflicts between the people and societies with the will to create the power of belongingness among the societies. People will feel satisfaction if there will be shared decision making process in the system.