Consider the following statements about power sharing
arrangements in Belgium and Sri Lanka.
A. In Belgium, the Dutch-speaking majority people tried to impose
their domination on the minority French-speaking community.
B. In Sri Lanka, the policies of the government sought to ensure the
dominance of the Sinhala-speaking majority.
C. The Tamils in Sri Lanka demanded a federal arrangement of
power sharing to protect their culture, language and equality of
opportunity in education and jobs.
D. The transformation of Belgium from unitary government to a
federal one prevented a possible division of the country on
linguistic lines.
Which of the statements given above are correct?
(a) A, B, C and D (b) A, B and D (c) C and D (d) B, C and D

NCERT Class 10th Social Science (Democratic Politics-II) Chapter 1 Power Sharing




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The options B, C and D seems to be the correct statements in regards to power sharing arrangements in Belgium and Sri Lanka. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is option "d".  The statements B and C are in regards to the country of Sri Lanka and the statement D is in regards to the country of Belgium.