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 a man has got limited abilites . he cannot do great things without the cooperation with others. the principle of cooperation can be appiled to all levels of our activities. thereby our task become easier
cooperation makes our task easier because the difficulties of the task are disturbuted over all men co operating.people cooperating can do great things , the cooperation is very useful to us in modern world people coperate one another on an organised basis.cooperative society is very useful to the people . our country india also as economic cooperation with other country
 cooperation is basis for all the developed works. the advanced countries are making marked progress through cooperation . if we work by cooperation we can acheive everything
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Cooperation is the bondage between persons to maintain a safety in work. It maintains the required progress in work. It is helping some other person in his or her work for the required benefit of all. If we have cooperation we can even save our time.In cooperation we can rely on others for their work and we can also base our trust on them. Man cannot do all his work alone he needs to depend on others also. Cooperation can be used to settle international disputes in a peaceful manner.
So cooperation is necessary in every sphere of one's life.
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