centrifugation is a technique often employed during isolation or analysis of various cells, organelles, and biopolymers, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates dissolved or dispersed in biologically relevant solvents. it is also applicable to synthetic macromolecules dispersed or dissolved in nonaqueous, organic solvents. in this technique, the sample is placed in a suitable vessel, and the vessel is spun in a centrifugal rotor. one application of centrifugation is isolating DNA from soil samples.
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Tge process of separating lighter portions of a solution, mixture, or suspension from the heavier portions by centrifugal force is called CENTRIFUGATION............ Some of its applications are---> DNA preparation from large volume of whole blood using the new, Isolating DNA from soil samples, High throughput blood processing samples usingvthe new thermo scientific general purpose centrifuge.
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