Listed below are a few character traits of people. Some are positive
qualities, while others are not. Tick mark the ones you feel are desirable
qualities in a person
Insensitive, High- headed, Manipulative, Humorous, Egoistic, Patronizing, Naïve, Humble, Submissive, Opportunistic, Foolish, Arrogant, Creative, Original, Conniving, Disapproving, Helpful, Innocent, Commanding, Calculative, Condescending, Benevolent, Crafty, Scheming, Simple, Wise, Rude, Overbearing, Generous, Boastful, Sly, Gentle, Proud, Territorial, Aggressive, Servile.

NCERT Class 10th Literature Reader English Ch 7 The Frog and the Nightingale (Poem)



Humorous.. Naive...humble.. Creative...original...convincing..helpful... Innocent.. Calculative..... Simple...wise..generous...gentle...