some people feel that children should not wear uniform to school and some believe it is good to wear uniform to school, and i agree with the latter. there is a famous saying that what ever we learn is only in from or childhood ,once we grow up it is not easy for us to learn any new thing. not only that what ever we learn from our childhood it remains in our mind forever, for an example we learn to brush our teeth ,we learn to clean ourselves everyday from our childhood and even today by default we do these things even if we forget doing our sub-conscious will remind us because we got habituated to do these thing every day. so it is always better to teach children from childhood . 
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In my view  wearing uniform is the best one because it shows the unity among the poor and the rich children . By watching the dress of the rich poor children feel and it may lead to anything and the rich also may discourage the poor in their activities.therefore wearing school uniform is the best one .