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It's Baisakhi! the time to harvest the ripening Rabi crop. So get into the festive mood and let your heart dance to the rhythm of the drums. Happy Baisakhi!
Happy Baisakhi to all my friends. May Wahe Guruji bless all souls with happiness and long life. 
Happy Baisakhi to all my beloved Punjabi brothers and sisters. May you all have a very wonderful day, full of joy and happiness.
Happy Baisakhi to all my Sikh brothers and sisters. I hope celebrations of the day are as colorful and cheerful for you as ever. 
 Happy Birthday to Khalsa. A reminder to forever stand up, speak up and fight against injustice. Happy Baisakhi! 
Happy Baisakhi to all friends. I hope celebrations of the day are as coloruful and joyous for you as ever.
May the cheerful festival of Baisakhi usher in good times and happiness that you so rightly deserve. Have a wonderful day. Happy Baisakhi!!
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