1)There is no reason, There is no excuse, Child labor is Child AbuseĀ 
2)child is meant to learn not to earn
3)send children to classes but not to wash glasses

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1.child is meant to learn not to earn,stop child labour.
2.dont ask children to take tool instead sending them to school. a child love and care,child labour is not just fair.
4.make our future bright,shape our future right, stop child labour. of little ones are destroyed,when child labour is employed. a favour,avoid child labour.
7.child in pain no gain.
8.put a child in class not in a glass.
9.small hands can handel a pen better.
10.for a better nation stop child exploitation.
11.child is your heart not born to push your cart.
12.child labour is severe dont make them to shed a tear.
13.children are not doing fine if they are in a factory line.
14.big buildings by small hands,child labour should be banned.
15.child labour is a devastation,they should concentrate on there education.

hope this helps you:))