India is a democratic and even prosperous country where people live together in unity and diversity. India is a country where people struggle a lot for their livelihood and even for one time food and basic needs and all. India can help the world in developing and even economical way because India is even developing a lot since many years to become a developed country. We are developing in all the aspects like agriculture, economic, technology and other aspects also. We can from our side help a lot and contribute a lot to this world because we are also trying to develop a lot because we can contribute at least 25% from our side because India had having the second largest population and even we are hard workers all day long working in the hot sun for the money which don't even will fill our stomach even half way. We Indian's can help out the world in many ways of development like technology and even agricultural wise because India is too much good at technology and even Indian people mostly 55% people depend on the agricultural fields. We can even help the world in trading and exporting process because India has many highly qualified and even international level sea ports where the trade process can happen a lot. Even India is rich in many of the natural minerals like gold, iron ore and even India is having many steel plants in it. Here India can contribute so much to world and it's development. We all Indians are striving hard for our own development in this path way where the development can happen in our country we can even try hard to do so much for our world and even it's globalization. Indian factories, industries development goes in a level headed manner but this way is really awesome to ensure that the aspect is developing or not. This way / method is really sociable because the interaction between the different types of aspects or level's in that aspect will come together under one shed for one aspects total development. As I said before also India and Indian people can do so many things in different aspects to the world and even it can help out in over all development of that aspect which India was trying to work out to develop it. 
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What can India do for the world? India is the biggest democracy of the world. It is the seventh largest country by area and second most populous country in the world. It is one of the fastest growing major economies and is considered as the newly industrialized country. It is not only rich in the mineral wealth but nature has bestowed its gifts on India in plenty too. On one hand minerals like iron ore, gold, bauxite, silver etc are found in abundance in the Indian subcontinent and on the other hand India is blessed with fertile soil and many meandering rivers used for irrigation and industrial purposes. It has a diverse variety of flora and fauna. India is the right blend of mineral and natural wealth. Apart from the materialistic opulence, India can boast of a rich culture and prosperous heritage. It is the home of the ancient Indus valley civilization and the birth place of four main religions in the world – Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. India has made major contributions in the field of art, literature, music, science, mathematics, medicine and astronomy. Some of the architectural masterpieces like the Taj Mahal and the forts of Rajasthan attract tourists from all over the world. The Fibonacci series, zero in the number system, binary code, radio communication, fiber optics, plastic surgery, flush toilets etc are all gifts of India to the world. A country with such great achievements credited to its name can be a flag ship for the entire world and lead the world towards peace, prosperity and make it a better place to live for everyone. Equipped with mineral wealth as well as extensive manual labor, India can pioneer the metallurgy industry and become an export hub for raw materials for industries like automobile, steel etc. Indian craftsmen are known for their filigree work, pottery painting, traditional sarees and woolen products. With proper administration and plan, these small scale industries can flourish and increase the incoming money form the exported goods. Indians are known for their excellent analytical capabilities and mathematics skills all over the world. By utilizing the modern facilities and available resources, the intelligent minds of India can contribute in various fields like biotechnology, rocket science, medicine, robotics etc. Recently, India independently and successfully launched a mission to Mars; without any foreign help. If adequate resources are provided in the country, these intelligent brains will not have to venture into the foreign land in search of opportunities to showcase their full potential.
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