LOVE, FAITH & TRUST
                                                (by A. J. Cronin)

The miraculous power of love, faith and trust rewards an individual with optimism, hope and inspiration. These virtues exude an inner strength and immense self-confidence. 

My recent encounter with two small orphaned boys, Nicola and Jocopo, reveled how their immense love for their sister, Lucia sustained them through all hardships and gave them power and courage to face all the challenges of life without indulging in any self-pity. Their outward shabbiness was very deceptive but beneath it was a vast reservoir of inner strength. The unparalleled faith in their own selves made them deal with all the problems of life without seeking anyone's help. They toiled hard and despite scarcity of work managed to earn enough to pay the weekly hospital bills of their sister's treatment who was suffering from tuberculosis.

Their positive attitude has taught me to face life with equanimity and courage. It has shown me how the values of love, faith and trust, which are the fountainhead of hope, help one overcome all the obstacles and impediments of life with a wonderful sense of ease and comfort.