Aerodynamics:it the study of how gases interact with moving bodies.because the gas we encounter is gas,aerodynamics is primilarly concerned with forces with the force as drag and lift which are caused by passing over and around the solid bodies.
the factors that effect them are density,compressibility,viscocity and temperature.
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The study of the properties of moving air and the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it is called AERODYNAMICS......................... Factors affecting aerodynamics are as ---------------------> (1) The Object----> Geometry has a large effect on the aerodynamic forces generated by an object. Lift and drag depend linearly on the size of the object moving through the air. ....(2) Motion of the Air------> Lift and drag are associated with the movement of the rocket through the air, so lift and drag depend on the velocity of the air. Lift and drag actually vary with the square of the relative velocity between the object and the air.......(3) Related to air, i.e. Properties of air--------> Lift and drag depend directly on the mass of the flow going past the rocket. The drag also depends in a complex way on two other properties of the air: its viscosity and its compressibility. These factors affect the wave drag and skin friction....
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