Sandeep was going to vashino devi with his mother and on the way he asked where were the green mountains,tall trees he had seen in his EVS book. ITt was only near Jammu where he could see tall trees then his mother told about man deforestation.He felt very bad and decided not to waste paper andtake good care of furniture at home and school. (1) What do you mean by deforestation? (2) How can you contribute in saving trees? (3) What characterstics were shown by Sandeep?




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Deforestation is the state wherein the forest have become bare and barren due to logging and construction of settlement.

We can save trees by not wasting its products, planting trees, and informing the public of the negative effects deforestation have in our nation and showing pictures or videos as proof.

People tend to become emotionally motivated when they see for themselves the effects of deforestation rather than listening to others about it.

Sandeep shows concern and love of nature. He is mature for his age and is very much aware of the consequences of deforestation.