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You would need to think what kind of resources are there in your area. Think if they are in reserve so that people could reuse them in the future or they are wasted and lost. 

Stock refers to the availability of a resource, how much of it is there. Additionally, some of the resources are lost if you don't store them properly, which is why stock and reserve can differ. Reserve is the amount which is left after substracting the demanded part from the stock. 

Try to find as much information about as many different resources as you can. Below, there's an example of how you can write about one or two of them. 

Think it through and add more of your own ideas there :) 


- Water in isolated form we do not have adequate technology to make it fit for drinking. 
- There is lot of oxygen in my area because many trees are present here so due to lack of technology we can't take oxygen gas and hydrogen gas to form a water molecule. 

- There is a dam few kilometres away from my town which has reserved water for future generations. 
- There are also some granaries which has reserved food grains for future generations