Holi is the festival which is celebrated in our country India. This festival Holi is celerbrated by all the citizens of India may it be poor or even the rich people like the owners of Reliance or Tata or Birla. We know that Holi is a colorful festival where people play and gambol for at least more than that of 6-7 hours. We have many theories behind the celebration of this festival. One such theory which is behind this celebration is that Holika the demon was assassinated by our lord Krishna. The Holi is celebrated by all, it is the festival where the people  celebrate it together with out any feeling of religion. We know that India is the country where the people live together in unity and diversity even though they are from different religion, cast and even social status. Holi is really a prosperous festival because is shows the unity and the diversity of our country. Therefore i conclude that Holi is really a awesome festival where the both elders and even younger can enjoy together.