U can take it by your camera at a pleasant place mostly during dawn so it would be very good and collage in a chart with sketch pens and drawing materials in a colorful way. 
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Taking pics is quite easy till you have a nice camera just remember not to click them from a phone so while you click pics be steady and don't click more then 4 pictures of one place (it wastes time) don't click 100s of trees click some birds etc..the job of photography is done now the main the COLLAGE see there are two ways to make a collage                                                                                 1)to make a neat and tidy collage                                                                         2)to make a cheerful collage                                                                              so if you want to make a neat collage then take paper or whatever and make a border with sketch pens only and then give a neat heading in a capitals and stick the pics straight lined or unlined and draw small things around it but if you want to make a cheerful collage then give a border   with paints crayons glitters and decorate it nicely then write a designer heading and stick the pics diagonally around the whole chart decorate the chart nicely write whatever you want to draw whatever you want to but don't make it to hotch-potch 
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