I had experienced this type of hora bel situation in my life . When my family had gone to camp due to some reason I had been left at home alone . I had really very frightened by the different sounds of the owl and dogs outside of my home . Because my house is in forest I had felt very sad because no one is with me and I had only company of my heart and soul . So remembering these thing I become more stronger and brave.
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                                            DIARY ENTRY
14th, April, 2016.   
                      Well it is really disgusting because I thought that I'm going to enjoy at home alone with at home but my bad luck that all the mysterious incidents are happening to me one after the other. When I faced the first situation / incident I felt that the world going to become up side down and I would never become the same old person with a smile on my face all time. But I guess god has gone crazy on me and he sent all the mysterious incidents to me one by one bad luck. It's really a bad day for me today.