Yes, I still find an impact, one it self can be that we speak English that was introduced to us by the British. For a fact 80% of India knows how to speak English. They also helped us to become even more modernized country in ways such as trains, technology etc. due to that to this day India is the third best country in the world in the field of technology. The political system is run by democracy. The most popular and favorite sport is cricket.They banned widow marriage.
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The main impact of the British is the starting of usage of ENGLISH in our country.Before British rule,most of the Indians were illiterate and the education system was not good.but after the entering of British in our country our education system was modified and the indian education system became better.many students learned about the social evils such as 'Sati' and with the help of British generals such social evils were stopped.even the Indian infrastructure was well developed with the introducing of railways in India,making travelling more faster and easier.even our government rule was made better ie,Democratic government.

But some bad impacts of  British entering our country is changing our Indian culture.after the entering of British,our dress code was also changed and many people started wearing dresses from Britain.many girls started to forget the Indian culture and this led to many bad impacts on the girls in the society.

SO we can say that the entering of British in our country helped India in some factors and did not help India in some factors.

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