Organic farming is a form of agriculture that developed from a desire to improve soil quality and the environment, and from a strong rejection of the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers in agriculture. It relies on naturally-sourced fertilizers such as compostmanuregreen manure, and bone mealand places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotationcompanion planting.Biological pest control, mixed cropping and fostering natural insect predators are encouraged. Generally organic standards are designed to allow the use of natural substances while prohibiting or strictly limiting synthetic substances.[1]For instance, naturally occurring pesticides such as pyrethrin and rotenone are permitted, while synthetic fertilizers and pesticidesplant growth regulators,hormones, and antibiotic use in livestock husbandry are generally prohibited. Synthetic substances that are allowed include, for example, copper sulfate, elemental sulfur and Ivermectin . Genetically modified organisms,nanomaterials and human sewage sludge, are prohibited
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