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                                                        Bhil Tribe

Bhil tribes of India are the largest tribes of South Asia. These Indian tribes have a mention even in epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. These tribes are largely found in Rajasthan. Bhil tribes are classified into two groups- the central or pure bhils and eastern or Rajput Bhils. Bhili, which is an Indo Aryan language is the prime language spoken by Bhils tribes of India. They worshiped local deities like Khandoba, Kanhoba and Sitalmata.  Rich on culture they give a lot of importance to dance and music. Ghoomar is the most famous dance. Gair is the religious dance drama performed by the men in the month of Sharavana (July and August). Baneshwar fair held during the period of Shivatri (in the month of January or February) dedicated to Baneshwar Mahadev also known as Lord Shiva is the main festival. They also celebrate Holy and Dusshera. Traditional saris, loose long frock along with pyjama are the forte dress of women and men respectively. Since there were many tribes in India during medieval period this is one of those which still exists in India.

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