AIM:to prove that oxygen is evolved during photosynthesis
APPARATUS:beaker with water ,long cylindrical test tube,wide mouthed funnel,h plant like hydrilla or elodea plant wings
1.  place some water plant like hydrilla in a short stemmed funnel and keep it in a beaker containing water
2.  invert the test tube filled with water over the stem of the funnel
3.  ensure that the level of the water in the beaker is above the level of the stem of the inverted funnel
4.  place an apparatus in the sun and other in dark atleast for 2 hours
we can observe that in the place of water the air is filled int he test tube.  it is actually the gas that is collected in the test tube.
test the gas in the test tube by inserting a glowing match stick which would burst into flames.  this shows  the presence of oxygen.
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