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1 he is very supportive
2 he is intelligent like me
3 he help the needy people
4 he has no bad habits
5 he respect teachers
6 he always inspire me
7 he is very cool man
8 he is not short tempered
9 he believe in simple living and high thinking
10 the last but not the least he understand my feelings
video game destroy young reason due to following reason
1eye sight problem
2 wastage of time
 3 attract children toward it
   i think it is enough i m feeling very tied
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i have a doubt how fashion increase blood pressure
i dont know
The good qualities of my best friend are :
1. My close friend is _________ he / she makes me feel special and always he / she makes me happy.
2. My friend is gangly ( tall, thin )
3. my friend is a gibber, this is not just my opinion it's all most all's opinion.
4. My friend is as tall as a giraffe and even my friend dance as graceful as a peacock.
5. My friend is very much special and he / she makes me feel gladden.
6. My friend is glorious.
7. My friend makes me happy when even I'm glum ( sad )
8. I've many friends but this friend of mine is more special than all.
9. My friend is mysterious ( hard to understand )
10.  My friend is a topper of our class.

 yes the video games destroy young children because they just make the children attract towards them self and because of this the children will not to concentrate on education and even it will cause their eye sight to reduce and even the children will become lazy.
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