Aung sang suu kyi was born on 19th june 1945 in rangoon.her father aung san founded the modern burmese army and negotiated burma's independence from the british empire in 1998 she returned to burma to lead the pro-democracy movement. she was placed under house arrest for 15 years and released on 12th november,2010.she has become one of the most extraordinary examples of civil courage in Asia and an important symbol against oppression.
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1-aung sang suu kyi was born on 19th june 1945(age 70) in rangoon, british burma.
2-spouse=michael aris (m.1972 death 1999)
relations-aung san
4-religion=theravada buddishm
5=alma mater=university of delhi(st.hugh's college,oxford university of london)

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