One of the problems we face in the present days is HOW TO DISPOSE WASTE. some horrible plastic wastes are threatening the environment.So, it would be better if we are able to manage non-biodegradable wastes like plastic, glass, batteries,certain chemical products,thermocole,ceramics, PVC pipes, etc.
             If we are able to use these things in a useful way , then it is called waste management.Some of its ways are;
1) use plastic bottles,cans, jars for planting trees.
2) make paper carrier bags with newspaper, waste rough notes etc.
3) make decorative items with thermocole, glass bangles and bottles.
4)waste pipes can be used in some science experiments.
5)avoid using chemical products as far as possible, so that would be benificial to us as well as to the environment.
see, the are some ways which i can tell u. but , it all depends on your creativity.

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