The silkworm is converted to silk sarees by the process called sericulture.
Silkworm is converting to silk sarees is by the following methods:
STEP 1:young silk worms are fed in mulberry leaves for almost 3 days when the silkworm is ready to spin they are put into a round basket covered by cloth to protect them from files.
STEP 2:after the worms are completely transformed to cocoons they are put into hot boiling water the filaments from several cocoons are then reeled together on a wooden spindle into a uniform strand of raw silk.
STEP 3  :Thai silk yarns must be washed and degummed by immersing the skeins in large tubs of hot water then dried under the sunDyes are prepared in a dye bath. Once the dye is ready, the clean yarns are then immerse in the dye bath and boil with constant rotation of the yarn.
STEP 4: the silk yarns are then spin by hands and wooden or plastic tubes to be prepared for warp or weft
STEP 5 : after warp and weft are prepared weaving can begin
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