Read the following passage and answer the following questions:
I had horrible experience during my third voyage. It so happened that the ship in which we were sailing was
caught in a violent storm. The ship was dragged a shore by hairy savages who ordered us to vacate the ship
and then they took the ship to an unknown Island. soon we came to a palace like building and on entering
one of its room we were struck with horror at the repulsive display of crude things – heaps of men’s bones ,
a large number of skewers for roasting joints of meat were scattered . Suddenly there appeared a terrible
ogre in the room with a roar.
1. What happened to the ship in which Sindbad was sailing?
2. Who dragged the ship ashore and what they do?
3. What did Sindbad and his companions see on entering one of the rooms in the palace?
4. Who appeared in the room?



1)The ship was hijacked by savages which was hit by a storm.
2)Hairy savages dragged the ship ashore
3)They saw heaps of bones of men,dead men.
4)An ogre appeared in the room.