Talk to some elderly person in your neighbourhood and collect information about–
• The trees in his/ her neighbourhood when he/ she was your age.
• The indoor games he/she played.
• His/her favourite fruit at your age.
• How did they make themselves comfortable during hot summers and cold winters?
Display your answers on a wall/bulletin board.



I collected this information from an old woman near my home.
1) the trees in her neighbour hood when she was at my age were banyan,coconut trees, palm trees, banana trees.
2)the indoor games she played were snake&ladders( vaikuntapaali), ludo( jhoodham), ashtachemma, chess( chadharangam),
3)her favourite fruit at my age was mango.
4) in summer days, they used to damp long clothes like bedsheets and tie at their doorway, keep buckets under them to gather the water. so that , they would get cool breeze from the doorway and have protection from the sun.they used to drink water from pots.they wore light and light colured clothes. they used to sleep by putting coconut coir under their cots at the verendas .
               in winter seasons, they used to put fire and enjoy the warmth.
they wore woolen clothes.

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