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Sher Singh is a twelve year old village boy who shows immense courage to carry his younger brother to the hospital fifty miles away from his village crossing dense forest having ferocious animals like tigers, elephants and cobras and crossing two rivers. He is heroic in his successful endeavor to save his brother's life. Life offers us challenges and it is only the brave ones who face those challenges with extreme dexterity and courage and emerge victorious. Sher Singh is one of them who did not care about his own pains, his tiredness, his fears and agonies and walked with the weight of his brother on his shoulders to take him to the hospital. He is not only brave, but caring and loving. His love for his brother, his responsibilities towards his own family at the age of twelve is commendable. So when the doctor call him at the end of the story as "Bahadur"(courageous), the title also conferred to his father for being a successful and brave hunter, the readers feel that he is more courageous than his father as his father does hunting as a profession and a passion; but Sher Singh did the courageous actto save his brother's life.
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